Distance learning

Dear families,

During this time of uncertainty and unknown, know that the ESOL teachers are here to support you and your child/children in any capacity that we have available. We will provide support to your child/children’s classroom teacher as well as additional resources on our ESOL site if needed. Continue to check this page regularly as it will be updated as we find more resources. If you are not yet connected to your child class DOJO please contact the teacher and set it up as soon as possible. We will be communicating with you through DOJO and if you have any question you can do so as well.

About PWCS ESOL program

PWCS provides a program of language instruction at each K-12 school in supportive settings so that ELs attain proficiency in English and meet the same challenging academic content and student achievement standards as other students. Components of instruction include:

* Academic language instruction to students at English Language Proficiency (ELP) levels 1–5 for success in language arts, math, social studies, and science;

* Delivery styles to maximize service opportunities: Co-taught, push-in, pull-out, inclusion, and EL-Only class; and

* Support from ESOL teachers and content teachers knowledgeable in techniques which support English language development (ELD).

The Office of EL Programs and Services offers EL parent outreach to inform parents on supporting students for academic, personal, social, and career development purposes, including ESL classes in collaboration with Adult Education.

Crystal Vazquez
Team Lead
Grades 3rd - 5th
English /Spanish

Wendy Lugo
Grades 2nd - 4th
English /Spanish

Linda Yeboah 
Grades k - 2nd

Staci McFadden
Grades k - 2nd

 Our  ESOL team wishes you a warm welcome!

Our mission is to provide support to our ESOL students and help them achieve their goals.

Our vision is that all of our ESOL students will be successful individuals.