School Counseling Program Vision Statement:

The Chris Yung Elementary School's counseling department will provide a world class, comprehensive school counseling program that is committed to excellence for all students. All students will participate in developmentally appropriate classroom lessons, small counseling groups and individual counseling that focus on skills needed to become lifelong learners and successful citizens. The counseling program will positively impact student growth in areas of academic, social-emotional, and career development so that graduates of Chris Yung Elementary School become life-long learners as well as productive and socially-responsible community members who are resilient, self-directed, critical thinkers. 

School Counseling Program Mission Statement:

Chris Yung Elementary School Counseling Program promotes academic, career and social/emotional development of all students, providing a world-class education through ongoing collaboration with students, teachers, administrators, parents and community members. The counseling program provides equitable access to all students regardless of sex, race, ethnic background, socioeconomic class or learning ability, preparing students for lifelong success as responsible members of the community. We work collaboratively to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment which embraces diversity, maintains high expectations for our students, and motivates students to life-long learning. 

School Counseling Beliefs

The counselors at Chris Yung Elementary School believe that:

All students can be successful and can achieve academic excellence.

All students deserve an educational setting that respects their cultural diversity and celebrates their uniqueness.

All students deserve equitable access a rigorous curriculum and related resources.

All students will have access to a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate school counseling program administered by state licensed professional school counselors.

The school counselors will advocate for all students.

The school counselors will collaborate with families, staff, and community stakeholders to foster positive student development.

The school counselors will adhere to the professional and ethical standards of the American School Counselor Association.

School counselors will use data to make informed decisions, deliver services, and continually improve the comprehensive school counseling program at CYES.