Overview of Instruction:  Introduction to motor skill development that connects the brain to movement, increasing student’s ability to learn, spatial awareness, exploration of self, space, and equipment, partner and small group application of skills.

Safety Rules and Classroom procedures

Locomotor skills, non-locomotor, and Health related Fitness

Health-related fitness cont. , Dance Unit- moving to beat/rhythmic pattern, movement in space-directions

Energy balance - Macro-nutrients, Food Groups, hydration, Energy in/Energy out, Food labels & portion size

muscular system. - Major muscles of the body and its function, Manipulative skills- Catching & throwing, gymnastic sequences.


 Basketball Skills:
Passing (chest, bounce, overhead, baseball)
Dribbling w/hand, Shooting-free throw/lay up shot
Incorporate skills in a game activity.

Jumping and Jump Rope: stationary jumping-self turn, single jump
Consecutive jumps, jumping forward and back ward
Jump rope and Heart Function-Jump rope sequences- heart /lungs/blood vessel
February -Jump Rope for Kids Heart challenge fundraising for The American Heart Association


At Home Active for Kids K-5

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Dear Parent,

For all students to become physically educated, I use the PWCS curriculum to design instructions for all students with special consideration for students who need help the most, students who are struggling and students with disabilities. Every student in my physical education class can learn, will learn and must learn. All the skills and activities that we do in P.E class match student’s physical and emotional development. I believe physical education is important in all of our lives, and it is my job to teach your children the skills necessary for them to enjoy physical fitness and exercise throughout their lives.  I will encourage all of the students to be physically active in a safe, and controlled way.  It is also important to me to treat my student with respect, patience, and kindness, and I will expect to be treated with those same qualities in return.

All students are expected to wear tennis shoes to every gym class. When students don’t wear the proper footwear for PE class they can get hurt. Safety comes First in all of our classes.   I look forward to being a significant person in your child’s life, so please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. roseroma@pwcs.edu

Thank you

Mavis Rose-Roth- Physical Education Teacher


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