My name is Lee Hertel and I am so excited to be here at Chris Yung teaching physical education. I attended Shepherd University in West Virginia and am taking masters classes at University of Mary in North Dakota. I have been teaching P.E the last 4 years and have been in education for 8. I am coming from Montgomery County, Maryland since I have relocated to the Bealeton area. I am getting married in October to my beautiful fiancé Erica. I love to exercise and play any type of sports or activities. Over the years I have been a lifeguard, D.J, personal trainer, camp counselor, and even pulled cable for my dads company. I have always wanted to teach P.E and find so much joy in teaching children new skills that they never thought they could accomplish. I love exercise and want to give your children a passion for exercise as well. P.E teaches us a lot about ourselves and our determination and grit. I always challenge my students and want to challenge you as well to exercise with your children a few nights a week. We will always talk about the heart and lungs and how they work together. Our bodies are machines and we need to keep our machine running smooth with good foods and exercise. Thank you for your support and feel free to contact anytime.