***THIS WEEK'S CHALLENGE: https://flipgrid.com/374607ac***

When you accept the challenge comment below so I know which projects to look forward to!

The goal is to get the kids thinking, get them asking questions,spark their ideas, and open up other concepts they may want to explore.

You'll find that the learning happens naturally... measuring testing zones, researching science topics, being creative, writing plans and feedback.

We also want them to have a space to interact with each other and make the space between us a little smaller (virtually).

Our first week will go until next Friday, April 10th due to spring break. The next new challenge will be posted April 13th and go from Monday-Friday. A new challenge will be posted each week.

The details...
Within the Flipgrid you will find directions, links to learn more and a design brief that can be printed.

This is completely optional but the more kids we have jumping in and giving it a try the more fun it will be. Fun is the key! It does not need to be perfect. Make changes where it makes things easier for you at home. You do not have to follow the design brief exactly.(shhh don't tell anyone I said that)

The entire project does not need to be done within one day....
1. Spread it out over a week
Day One: ASK
Day Two: Imagine
Day Three: Plan and Build
Day Four: Test
Day Five: Share Results and Improve

2. Do the entire challenge in one longer session in a day

3. Spread it out over 3 days
Day One: Ask, Imagine
Day Two: Plan and Build
Day Three: Test, Improve and Share

What to do when they are done with the challenge...
Once your student is done they go back to the Flipgrid and record a video of their design and results. You can also record during testing.

Students will also be able to view other students projects and ideas and give them feedback. Remember that feedback involves statements like: I like how, It was interesting that you or One suggestion I have would be.

Within the Flipgrid you will find a second topic for the kids to shareother STEAM projects they have been working on at home!

For now the same design brief is posted for all kids. We accept big kids and little kids too (outside of K-5). Make it a family project! If we need to create a new design brief for our little guys please let me know and I can add that in in later weeks.

Most important thing: Have fun!

Email me with questions: chideskw@pwcs.edu

Kaitlin Chidester