Tuesday-Math Day for the week

     Work on Math assignments located in Microsoft Teams.  Our math team name is CYES 5th- Marvel Math

    Complete the Egyptian and Shogun mysteries from the past two weeks and send your answers to be discussed.  (Fraction review)


  • Office Hours in teams from 10-11

Math SOLs not taught;
I have the whole list of all of the Math SOLs on mywebpage so you can print them and also you cango to the Virginia Department of Educationwebsite and click on Math SOLs.

Unit 8: Patterns, Functions and Algebra
We had covered 5.3 (Prime and compositenumbers and odd and even numbers)
We were working on 5.7 (Order of Operations)
Still need to cover 5.18 on patterns with objects,pictures, numbers and tables
Still need to cover 5.19 on Variables

Unit 9 : Geometry (haven't covered any of these)
5.10, 5.12, 5.13 and 5.14

Unit 10: Probability and Statistics