Science Pacing Guide 19-20
When viewing the attached pacing guide below, the highlighted portion are the standards we are currently working on or will work on in the 4th quarter. 
Grade 5 Science Pacing Guide 2019-2020.pdf

Social Studies Pacing Guide 19-20
When viewing the attached pacing guide, the highlighted portion are the standards we are currently working on or will work on in the 4th quarter. 
Grade 5 Social Studies Pacing Guide 2019-2020.pdf
Matter Review-Retake Prep Material for Unit 5*
*Check your Student View on the HUB to see your Matter Unit 5 Test score.  All Matter retakes must be complete by Wednesday, April 22nd; you can retake any standard you received a C or below in.  Retakes will open in PowerSchool on Wednesday, April 15; you will have a 1-time-only retake option.  Use the material listed below to help you study for your retake; I will add material daily through this week, 4/14-4/17.  

Tuesday 4/14: Flocabulary Matter Review:
1. Join your class on Flocabulary:
2. Class codes: 
*Baughman- 2RT487
3. View your Flocabulary Assignments and turn them in as you complete them.
Wednesday 4/15: Padlet-Join our Padlet and complete the 10 questions for our 'Matter' discussion
Thursday 4/16: Quizizz- Join my Quizizz review at:
code: 144624
This will help you review for your Matter Unit 5 retake, due on 4/22.
Friday 4/17: Think Central-Science Fusion Online Workbook
Log on to with your individual user name (found on the Dojo message I set you)
and the password CYES20. Here you can review Unit 13-Matter, and complete the Matter 13 Review, to prepare for the retake. Email or Dojo Mrs. Azero with any questions.

Science-Unit 6: Sound
Sound Packet.pdf

Sound Exploration

  • What is sound?  Watch this YouTube video on sound to find out how we hear sounds. How are sounds formed?
  • Read all about sound. Click on the Pitch section for the answer to the question, how does pitch match wavelength?
  • Fill glass cups up in different amounts. What do you hear when you tap each glass? Why do you think you hear a difference?
  • Do you have an instrument?  Explore - what do you do to your instrument to get different pitches?
  • Design your own instrument-STEAM activity! STEMMakeaMusicalInstrumentDesignPlan.pdf

Science-Experimental Design Practice & Experiment Fun! 
Hi scientists!  The first link is an experimental design template you can use for any experiment you do at home, including one you find on your own.  The experiments below that connect to matter, weather*, and force & motion; enjoy!  Don't forget to Dojo me your pictures!  
*Note: The weather & climate experiments are linked on page 7 of the document.  You can also try to create weather instruments out of recycled material (all listed on page 7).  Any blue link you can click and it will take you to a page with more information!

At-Home States of Matter Lab.docx
Changing States of Matter Experiment.docx
Toy Car Science Experiment.pdf
SOL Review Resources 2020
Science SOL-5th Grade Review Schedule 2020 UPDATED.docx
5th Grade SOL Science Review.pdf
Adaptations and habitats.doc
Earth's Crust HW.doc
Electricty HW.doc
Forces and Energy.doc
Sun, Moon, Earth.doc
Weather HW.doc
Jefferson Lab HW.doc

4th Grade Review Fun! 
Virginia Ecosystems
  • Watch this YouTube video on Food Webs.
  • Look for answers to these questions
    • What is a food web?
    • What is an ecosystem?
    • What happens in an ecosystem when one of the plants or animals declines?
Weather and Our Solar System
Magnetism and Electricity
  • What do plants need to live?
    • Watch the Who Needs Dirt? YouTube video.
    • After watching, take a walk outside if you can.
      • What plants do you spot?
      • Do you see the parts of the plants needed to stay alive?
  • Spring is coming and flowers are blooming! What is the important job that flowers have? Watch the Look Inside a Flower! YouTube video to find out!  After watching, if you can, take a look at the blooming flowers outside!
Force and Motion

How does friction impact motion?

  • Go to Forces and Motion: Basics from Phet
  • Click on the Friction button.
  • Explore what happens when you change the force and weights.
  • Add the speed factor so you can see how fast or slow the speed is.
  • What did you notice in your exploration?

Canada Research Project
An Expedition of Canada.docx
Research Note Pages.doc
All about Canada.pdf.pdf
British Columbia.doc
Canada Climate Regions.doc
Canada Information.pdf
Canada map and satellite image.doc
Canada vs US.docx

Social Studies Extensions:
Using Artifacts to Tell My Story

Students will evaluate artifacts to consider relevance to personal history.

  1. Look around your home.
  2. Select 3 to 5 artifacts (Photographs, Letters or cards, Receipts, Ticket stubs, Souvenirs, Other) that reveal something about your personal history or your family history.
  3. Create a slideshow, video, or podcast describing what those artifacts reveal about you or your family.
  4. Present your work to someone in your home or save it for future reference.
  5. Congratulations! You have engaged in historical thinking!

Create your Own Assessment!

  • Choose one region that you have focused on this year.
  • Create an assessment that will help other 5th graders demonstrate their learning. Your assessment can include any or all of the following:
    • Multiple choice questions
    • Short or long answer questions
    • Analyzing primary sources to answer questions
    • Map skills
  • You might also consider developing an assessment where 5th graders need to use skills to create something (brochure, picture book, slide show, poster, infographic, etc.) to show their learning!

National Geographic Kids: Online magazine for kids

Science Text Book-Exploring Science All Around Us
Science Text Book Student Edition.pdf
Plant _ Animal Cell Study Guide.pdf
Above is the PDF of the Plant & Animal Cell Study Guide, due Monday, September 30th. 
AZERO B2SN 2019.pptx

Hello 5th Grade Families!
Thank you all for coming out to our 2019 Back to School Night; so nice seeing all of you! Above you'll find the PowerPoint presentation that I went through in our room.  If you have any questions about the content, please message me on Dojo or send an email.