2nd Grade

Hello families! I miss the children so much! On my site you will find links and resources to use at home during this time away from school. I have put dates next to each item so you can keep track of what I have added. Please only do what you feel is necessary and know that this is all optional at this time. Please email me or message me on class dojo with any questions you have!

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Origo Math at Home

For Origo At Home, you go under clever and find this icon.  Click on it and watch the video that explains everything.  You will select your grade, week 1 and the day of the week.  Each day has an activity that goes along with the content, games, and practice.

Worksheet Practice:

2 digit addition no regrouping.pdf (3/14)
2 digit addition no regrouping2.pdf (3/14)
Place Value Expanded Form.pdf (3/14)
Place Value Blocks.pdf (3/14)
Place Value Puzzle Game.pdf (3/14)
1 and 10 more and less.pdf (3/14)
Comparing Three Digit Numbers.pdf (3/14)
Telling Time.pdf (3/14)
Telling Time2.pdf (3/14)
Counting Coins.pdf (3/14)
Counting Coins2.pdf 93/14)
Comparing Money Amounts.pdf  (3/14)
Place Value and Number Sense Review.docx (3/23)
Math Packet Week of 3-23.pdf (3/23)
Addition and Subtraction without regrouping practice.pdf (3/24)
2nd grade Math calendar 2020.doc (4/1)
2nd grade math calendar espanol 2020.doc (4/1)

Scholastic Learn at Home - Every day includes four separate learning experiences, each built around a thrilling, meaningful story or video.

Writing -
March Writing Prompts.pdf
April Writing Prompts.pdf
Writing Practice.pdf (3/23) 11 pages of writing practice!

Graphic Organizer_ Matter.docx (3/23)
Reinforcement Activity_ What_s the Matter_.docx (3/23)
Reinforcement_ Severe Weather Events Matching Cards.pptx (3/23)
Reinforcement_ Weathering and Erosion Sort Sheet.pdf (3/23)
Sort Cards_ Changes in Matter.pdf (3/23)
Task Cards_ Properties of Matter.docx (3/23)

Social Studies
Geo Practice Continents, Oceans, Where we Live.ppt (3/23)
US Geography Practice.ppt (3/23)
Economics Writing Practice.doc (3/23)
Economics_Tic_Tac_Toe.pdf (3/23)

Website Links for Review and Games!
Virtual Field Trips - Virtual Field Trips
Science - Magnets and Compass Games
Science - Weather and Water Cycle
Science - Animal Adaptations
Social Studies - Continents and Oceans
Social Studies - The World Quiz
Social Studies - World Geography Practice
Math - Money Games
Math - Cargo Ship Subtraction
Math - Flying High Subtraction
Math - Fruit Shoot Subtraction
Math - Ice Cream Shoppe Subtraction
Math - Pirate Subtraction Fun
Math - Telling Time Clock Shoot Game