How can we bring STEAM home?
STEAM is a way of thinking.  It can happen in a lab, outside or inside your home.  You can engage your students in a variety of STEAM based learning opportunities outside of the classroom.  Below you will find directions on creating a maker-space, creating build boxes and also STEAM build challenge ideas.

Creating a Maker-space:
1. Designate a space in your house to store materials.

2. Collect items you can recycle instead of throwing away. These include:
Boxes       Egg Cartons      Paper Towel Rolls      Water Bottles      Plastic Containers  
Tubs or Tins     Newspaper      Magazines        Cereal Boxes  etc. 

3. Gather other important building materials:
Scissors      Clear Tape       Masking Tape      Markers    Pencils     Glue     Hole Punch
Hot Glue Gun       Stapler

4. Collect other craft supplies if you have them around:
Popsicle sticks      Toothpicks        Paper         Clay      Cotton Balls    String       Pipe Cleaners

5. Think about a problem you can solve or keep scrolling to find a list of ideas!

Creating Build Boxes:
1. Find old containers or clear plastic tubs
2. Purchase or collect the following items from around your house and put them in the boxes or tubs:
   Pipe Cleaners
               Pattern Blocks
               Keva Planks
               Toilet Paper Rolls
               Popsicle Sticks and Velcro
                Brain Flakes
               Plus Plus Blocks
               Straws and Connectors

STEAM Build Ideas for Maker-space or Build Boxes:
Research a topic of interest and solve a related problem
Think about a problem you have at home, in your community or in the word and come up with a solution
Build a bird house
Build a boat that holds the most pennies
Build something that moves
Build a maze out of Legos
Build a marble/ball run using painters tape and tubes of different sizes
Build a catapult to launch an object
Build a desk organizer for all your school supplies at home
Build a car that travels as far as possible or as fast as possible
Build a device to catch trash in the ocean
Build a bridge to cross over a model of a stream that you can make on paper