April 13, 2020

Dear Parents and Students,

Beginning April 14th, Mrs. Azero and Mrs. Baughman will hold Zoom academic sessions twice per week.  Mrs. Mayhugh will have a Zoom session on Fridays and will be teaching using the Microsoft Teams platform all week.  We will be putting the 5th grade schedule of subjects and zoom meetings on our webpages and we will also send them by Class Dojo.  There is a subject listed for each day so your child can just work on that subject that day or create a schedule that works for your household.  For example, Math will always be on Tuesdays going forward. Zoom schedule:

Mrs. Baughman:
Microsoft Teams all week
Monday- 11:00-11:30
Thursday- 11:00-11:30

Mrs. Azero:
Monday- 11:00-11:30
Friday- 12:30-1:00

 Mrs. Mayhugh:
Microsoft Teams – all week
Friday- 1:30-2:00

Mrs. Baughman, Mrs. Azero and Mrs. Mayhugh will be posting our weekly assignments on our webpages and/or in microsoft teams.  To find our class webpages you will go to the Chris Yung Website, over to Class Pages, scroll down to 5th grade and then go to the side for the teacher’s name.  

Upon logging in to Zoom, please make sure you are ready to participate in an environment where your learning can be maximized. It is a good idea to have a designated, quiet area where you can sit with minimal distractions such as pets, siblings, television, video game console, and stuffed animals. We expect full participation and respect for others during the entire Zoom academic session. Zoom academic sessions are for academic purposes to tell you on Monday what is coming up for the week and on Thursday and Friday to go over any work or ask any questions. When you enter each Zoom academic session, you will be automatically muted, and the chat side bar will be unavailable. If you would like to participate, use the “raise your hand” option within Zoom.

On Monday, before you (the student) enter a Zoom academic session, please look over the lessons for the week. Mrs. Baughman and Mrs. Azero will go over standards of learning, assignments, and instructions for the week. Mrs. Baughman's weekly work will be posted in microsoft teams. This is a time when you can ask questions and/or ask for clarification on assignments or projects. Mrs. Mayhugh will have her Reading Choice Board posted and her weekly work on Microsoft Teams on her webpage.

On Thursday and Friday, use the same Zoom academic etiquette guidelines and log on ready to ask specific questions and/or present comments that will benefit the group.

Please send any work you would like to turn in for feedback by Class Dojo or by our email addresses or microsoft teams.

Our content/subject areas and email addresses are as follows:

     Mrs. Baughman math and her email address is baughmbk@pwcs.edu
    Mrs. Azero teaches science and social studies and her email address is      

    Mrs. Mayhugh teaches reading and writing and her email address is mayhugmm@pwcs.edu

If the days and times we have set aside do not work for your family, please send us a separate email or Dojo, and we will get back with you. Our office hours are on Thursday from 10-11. The best way to contact us is through email or Dojo. 

Mrs. Baughman, Mrs. Azero and Mrs. Mayhugh