Attendance Matters

As Prince William County Public School students return to school, we understand that many families may have questions regarding how attendance will be recorded for in-person, virtual and hybrid learning.

We want to assure every parent and student that safety and well-being is our top concern. At the same time, it is the expectation that students participate in real-time learning experiences whenever offered in order to create the best virtual experience for learning. We also understand that there will be occasions when a student may be ill and not able to participate in virtual learning.  If at any time, a parent/guardian feels that their student is not well enough to participate in virtual learning, please contact the school office to excuse the absence.

As we begin the school year, most students will be participating in virtual learning. Teachers will provide synchronous (live) lessons throughout the week and may have check-ins through Canvas and/or Zoom. We expect all students to participate in the live lessons when they are conducted and in many cases, student attendance will be taken at that time.

While the expectation is that students attend the live session, we understand that circumstances beyond your control may not allow for this. If this is the case, please reach out to your teacher to discuss other options for class attendance. Depending on your situation, you can be marked as present for a class period by participating in what we call “Asynchronous Attendance” activities.  This may mean that your student may complete an assignment or take a quiz in order to show the teacher that your child understood the content that was taught. Teachers will provide additional information about assignments and attendance during the first week of school. Whenever possible, we ask that any alternative assignments, projects or quizzes be submitted during the same week in which your student was not able to participate in a live lesson. 

See below for a summary of different ways your student can be considered in attendance at school:

  • Participation in synchronous online lesson.
  • Viewing asynchronous online lessons or pre- recorded synchronous sessions.
  • Engagement on an online discussion board.
  • Submission of a daily task, assignment, or quiz.
  • Communication to instructor regarding inability to access online resources and completion of alternate assignment.

When students participate in “in-person” learning, attendance will be taken using normal methods.

As with previous school years, daily automated calls and emails will be sent to parents and/or guardians when a student is marked absent for synchronous sessions or if they were not able to engage in an asynchronous activity within the same school day. All students are held to compulsory attendance laws will be required to attend school by one of the above methods. If a student will be absent, contact your school to alert them of the reason. Please note that truancy guidelines will be followed if a student accrues an excessive number of absences, as defined by Notice 724-1-19 – Attendance and Excuses – which can be found on the Prince William County Public Schools’ website.

We look forward to working with your family this school year.