Learning Plan During Quarantine

*  If a student is required to quarantine, teachers will communicate how your child should access their instructional materials and assignments during this period.

*  Teachers will inform the student and parent of all assignments, lessons and materials. These documents will be available through Canvas and/or student instructional packets.

*   Zoom meetings can be scheduled to support students with instruction, discuss assignments, respond to questions, etc.

* Teachers will respond daily to emails from quarantined students/parents.

* If your child needs to go home during the school day their device (i.e. iPad or laptop) will come home with them. If your child needs to quarantine and they are not at school, parents will be invited to pick up a student device and/or other instructional materials.

* It is very important that students complete assignments as well as access Lexia, Dreambox, myOn, etc. during their quarantine period.

* Student devices and chargers must be returned when your child comes back to school.